Gettin What You Give

i have to tell you something extremely important, something that we often forget:

You were put on this planet for a purpose.  And your most sincere commitment, your truest responsibility is to its fulfillment.  Everything else is a distraction.

My grandfather grew up a sharecropper.  His grandfather was enslaved.  My father, well into his sixties, continues to work graveyard shifts.  They’ve done their work and did it well.  My purpose is to continue their legacy using my particular skills and talents, yes, but not to repeat what they’ve done.  It is my duty to advance it.

We are so much greater than we allow ourselves to be.  The work ethic of our fathers and mothers seems to have been lost.  And, in some respects, rightfully so: why put so much effort into somebody else’s thing?  We’ve been doing that for generations.

To the unconnected eye, it would appear that way.  But my great-great-grandfather’s work was to put me right where i am at this exact moment.  He wasn’t doing somebody else’s thing.  He was doing ours.

It would be spit on his grave were i, were we, to not do the same.

There are no excuses.  There is only truth: success or failure is entirely upon us, and, in the end, we will get exactly what we give.


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