This blog went from being Walk With Me to Scattered People and back to Walk With Me. In my very first entry from July 2007, i wrote this:

Destinations, i’m learning, ain’t necessarily the best part of the journey. There is so much to be gained on the way, the path so potentially wealthy.

This might could be why i love to walk. Wherever. Anytime. To my aunt Precious’ house. Church Ave. from Utica to Flatbush with my grandmother. Washington Heights to Brooklyn. Along the Layou River, Dois de Julho to Campo Grande, Havana Vieja, or King’s Way Market. It just feels natural. Good-like, you know?

So it is in keeping with this that i ask you to walk with me…True goodness is never individual. The places i go. The people i meet. The conversations i have. The inspiration i receive. None of it belongs to me alone. They’re ours.

So, if you will, walk with me. Let me share. We got work to do.

Oh, i was a child! The words, however, still remain true. And the offer still stands.



2 Responses to About

  1. Peace, Amari,
    First, I would like to say that I enjoy your blog and is truly inspirational to see another brother who is deeply involved in Afrocentricity. I myself have started on my journey towards knowledge of self sometime ago. I can say that it may not be the easiest of roads but it is one that is need for not only the advancement of my people but also myself. However, that is not the thing I would like discuss with you. I already contribute to website but would like to contribute towards yours with Afrocentric books reviews, lists of books to read in order to develop consciousness, and basically anything I can do to further our culture and race as a whole. I also would like to work with you on any creative number of creative that you may have. I know that this may be a long shot but being honest and straightforward is a solid tenant of mine. To verify that I am a real I have provided my email, website, twitter account, and facebook.
    Thank you for your time hope to hear from you.

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