Focus on Success

Last night i was checking the amazon sample version of this book, Music Success in Nine Weeks.

The author begins with an important move: a chapter dedicated to getting your mind right. In it, she discusses a series of mental preparations that will have you on your way to success–whether it be in music, business, finance, love, or whatever.

One gem i caught before the sample cut off was about goal setting/achieving. She encourages readers to write down 5 successes at the end of each day. Simple, right?  Go ahead and try it. Write down five things you’ve accomplished today.

The exercise is pretty straightforward, but its far-reaching effects are quite profound.  We are generally very quick to tell ourselves what we are doing wrong and don’t spend enough time on what we do right.  “i didn’t do this.  i took too much time doing that.”  Eventually, it piles up to a mountain that dwarfs our self-esteem and we get even less done.

Right, we need to be self-critical.  But we don’t need to be self-degrading.  It’s a process that requires work, persistence, and dedication.  And the fact that you are still engaged in it means you must be bout something.

So go ahead.  Write down your daily success and, in time, you will realize that you truly are making progress.

You’re not so bad after all, huh?


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