i’m going on

i wanted to share this with you.  And by “you,” i really mean me.

i’m less than six months out from the date i set for the fulfillment of my mission of being self-sustaining and prosperous.  Scared?  No.  But certainly not cool as the fan i’d love to be.

They say that you make the path by walking and i get that.  i comprehend that.  But yo, it be hard sometimes.  It becomes difficult to plan a life that includes other people when there are so many unknowns.  i was terrible at geometry.

This is the time where principles meet practicality.  Are you really bout what you say you bout?  Do you really believe these real things in real life?

And could you live a life where, in every second, in every task that you undertook, you’d know you were wasting your existence?

Are you ok with a buster lifestyle?


Listen, i’ve got a few months left.  And then the rest of my life.  i’m going on.  i’d love for you to come with me.

But i’m prepared to go it alone.


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