Baby(‘s) come back

i could wave sheepishly. Make stuttering small talk, filled with space fillers like “How…how have you been?” that eventually degenerate to vague commentary on recent weather patterns and such.

But why?!?

You already know. It be hard out’chere and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing NUFFIN. Motivation need a vacation, too, i suppose. Like that. And what better time to vacate than summer? i ain’t gonna pretend i’m sorry or mad or disappointed or any of that. Like a prideless lover, i’m just glad to have her back. (“Do what you does baby, but just be doin it to me.”) And i’ma love her better than i ever did before because i know what it’s like to not have her. Absence gotta way of doing that. The negative space that makes the image. You get where i’m goin.

Hasn’t been all terrible. A time of reflecting, of understanding. i played my guitar for several hours each day. We began our tour, were on TV, raised more than the required money for my book, and a few other things. i’m back is what i’m tryna say. And i’ve got a few things shaking.

i am still completely committed and dedicated to the realization of my goal. If anything has changed, it is that i now understand it to be the natural next step in things, instead of a distant aspiration.

Ya’ll still walkin with the kid? Plenty of room for ya.


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