First Steps and Elephants

i’ve been feeling pretty badly lately.  My natural soul glo been a little dimmer than usual and i just be feelin sick.  i know the two are related, and were i to conjecture, i would surmise that my lack of exercise and poor diet have something to do with it.

Can’t really put my finger on it…just a general lack of inspiration, i suppose.  Goin through the motions and not being the full on gangsta i’m supposed to be.  These things come and go, i know.  And sometimes, you need to pump the breaks to re-evaluate.

i just be tired.

Anyway, late nights bring the greatest intentions, but mornings destroy them.  i was gonna go running this morning (i HATE running, mind you).  When i awoke, however, i was too sleepy for all that.  Umm…it’s raining anyway.

It’s almost May.  12 months shy of my date.  How have i been doing?  Have i really been giving my all to achieve my goals?  Has my lethargy really been self-sabotage?  Do i really want the things i say i want?  Will i be pretty?  Will i be rich?

They say elephants are eaten one bite at a time.  i have no interest in eating an elephant, but i’m sure you see where i’m going with this.  It’s that first step that gets you where you’re going, and if i intend on getting out of this valley, i better get ‘ta steppin!

i’ma go exercise…even if it is raining.

Here’s to first steps.


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One Response to First Steps and Elephants

  1. Courtney says:

    Glad to see the acknowledgement that you’re going through a funk (of course, not the good kind which happens on The One, but the dictionary definition that happens when one is not his/her best). It’s easy to brag on successes & gloss over or not even mention failures. However, since a post like this is so frank, it may help someone out there who can relate to such a phase. I know plenty of folks in such a position, & far worse, who need to see an example of a healthy strategy to get out of it.
    On the other hand, when folks are in painful situations for long periods, they tend to lose their open-mindedness toward daring new solutions. It’s not so much the worse the pain the less open s/he is, but rather, the correlation seems to connect more to how many solution attempts have been unsuccessful/how long s/he’s been waiting on a solution. Putting the solution so simply, therefore, could, unfortunately, camouflage its utility. To someone with layers of complicated problems, the offering of a simple, easy, solution, one that appears so blatantly & offensively intuitive, can seem like a slap in the face. The person’s knee-jerk response is something like “how could you think I haven’t LONG SINCE tried that!” Not that it shouldn’ t be tried more than once, but that is my worry with the response from those who’d need this post the most. I hope that effect doesn’t happen in this case. I hope someone who knows the inside of the rut they’re in all too well, runs across this post & is refreshed by it. I hope the final line is carefully considered. I hope, amongst our people, much more… uhh… elephant-sized tofu… gets consumed as a result of faith in a simple approach.

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