Steady Stream: Week 7

Another great week!

Dissertation: Decided it’s better to just focus on topics, research them, and sort them into chapters later.
SPA: Kickstarter fundraising for the (as yet untitled) book will begin this weekend.  Almost done with the promo video.  Just need to get a title and it’s on!  i’m very excited and confident that i will raise the funds.  You’ll support, right?  Riiiight??
Guitar: Study Cornell Dupree and the Meters.  Continue finger exercises.

Let’s keep it moving and remember: s/he who cuts corners, misses the point.


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One Response to Steady Stream: Week 7

  1. Courtney says:

    Glad to see the productivity, but more importantly, that you’re continuing to ASSESS and therefore make more of the same investments of time.
    For the dissertation: I like that you switched your methodology to focusing on content before structure. I concur b/c it’s loosely comparable to a lesson I learned from an innovative history teacher in high school on writing essays: write the introduction last, because you can’t introduce something which doesn’t yet exist. Oh, how I saved SO much time on tests starting at that point!! Yes, putting content (chronologically) above structure violates most “educated” folks’ ideas of common decency (My British english teacher’s reply: “How DARE you write differently than the Bedford Manual instructs! Heathen!!”), but obviously worth the venture.
    Most of all, though, glad to see that you’re proud of another week of accomplishments.
    physics: time investiture is less of a problem than is verbalizing. I’ve learned to speak up more in class & office hours for help (I’m sorry, but I can no longer doubt that some of those equations & theories came straight from some anal cavity. They are beyond nonsensical.). As a result, learned more about capacitors & inductors, but still have MILES left to go for A/C circuits (and everything about them… yes this is the part that includes sound engineering as it relates to music, so that much more important).
    To do: read & master ch. 22 a/c circuits
    biochem: despite last week’s entry, I’m now very nervous about the shift in time commitment from this to physics… we’ll see how Wednesday’s test, “Fun with Enzymes!!!” goes…
    To do: finish ch. 9, complete answering the questions on study guide for chs. 10 & 11 (no time to read in entirety), participate in (which for this class means ‘lead’) study group Tuesday
    administrative things: good news & bad news:
    good: since last week’s rant, I’ve stayed the course with the new strategy, and after much kicking & screaming, my mother, my advisors @ Xavier, & my aunt have quit complaining about my desire to pursue grad school PROPERLY (rather than hap-hazardly, without forethought, and well, ‘willy-nilly’, as they desired).
    bad: more red tape @ Bowie State U.
    to do: discuss scheduling of finals with professors, bring proof of permission to transfer courses to the proper Bowie State authority (again), and request letters of progress with official letterheads from Bowie to Xavier.
    Have a blessed week, everyone.

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