The Spirit That Protects the Youth

i’ve been working at Kamali Academy for several months now.  And i use work in the truest sense of the term: an activity involving mental or physical effort, done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

Our purpose?  To produce African children committed to the health and well-being of African people.

What an awesome task!  Ain’t nothing romantic about it.  Each day, i come face to face with the gravity of our situation; face to face with how deeply embedded our issues are from so early on.

We need new images.  We need heroes and words and stories and songs and poems and people who show us ourselves, our true and beautiful selves!  Through these new images, we will discover that which has always been.

i want to write children stories.  Stories in which our babies see themselves.  Stories that teach them how to become what they must become.  And i want to be here to guide them along the way.

It’s called nationbuilding because the nation ain’t built yet.

i’m a builder.  In the name of Malcolm, i’m a builder!

Build with me.  We damn sure need you.



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