Steady Stream: Week 6


Good week.  Passed quickly.  Made a few dollars, got a few things done.  On to the on to the next.

Dissertation: Start researching chapters one and two.
SPA: Finished business plan.  i believe i’m gonna go with for printing.  Waiting on them to send me a sample.  Still need a title.  i laid off of it this week to give it room to breath. i’ve also contracted a sister to do the bi’niss logo, so this week i will begin laying the work for this website to be launched soon.
Guitar: Practice scales/finger exercises, aural training, and study identified guitar players.

Where ya’ll?


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One Response to Steady Stream: Week 6

  1. Courtney says:

    It’s gotten to the point where it seems that all the means for long-term projects have become projects themselves. I come off as obsessive-compulsive, but without planning every little thing, something gets thrown off such that it affects the timeline for the ENTIRE thing. In an effort to curb the frustration, I’ve cut down on some things (less time on biochemistry & more on physics) and decided to cut some other personal projects altogether. Some paid off (grade in physics is slightly improving, while it turns out, even after the re-prioritization, I scored 100% on the second Biochem exam, and yes, I thanked the Creator profusely), but other cuts either scare me or upset my loved ones. Coping with this effect has proven more difficult that I anticipated.
    Anyone else might say “well that’s just tough” or “Ehh, do you; they’ll get over it!” I don’t know about you or any of the readers here, but I have a close-knit family. A family such as this may celebrate your victories as their own, endure your trials in solidarity… and sometimes, take your personal decisions about your personal life… personally. When this happens, it renders it more difficult to turn to the same people for support through the effects of that cut… at least until the time they get over it. It’s easy for outside observers to say “well, you just can’t let that affect you.” I dare the same people to concentrate on the same studies worked for, sacrificed for, and partially paid for by a woman who is upset with you for not completing them the way she anticipated. I don’t bite the hand that feeds me, but at the same time, until more projects are complete, I can’t ignore it either… lest I starve.

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