You’re Not the Only One

Someone once told me that i quote my brother like Kenny quoted Bud.  My response?  If it’s relevant, what else am i to do?

So my brother, who is not named Bud, once told me that “feigned confidence becomes real confidence.”  True indeed.  But, in my developing interpretation, it’s not simply lying to everyone else.  It’s really more a matter of making a decision and seeing it through, of committing to a manner of doing things and understanding not that you know everything, but that you are not the only one who doesn’t.

We all tryna find our way.  We all tryna find our own path.  And it’s difficult.  But i assure you this: you’ll never find your path by searching for mine, and there’s no one better to live your life than you.

Or am i making too much of this?


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One Response to You’re Not the Only One

  1. Yansa says:

    This quote reminded me of something Lola said in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: “You can’t run from yourself. Not ever. The only way out, is in.”

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