Steady Stream: Week 4

Why hello there!

Look, i ain’t gonna lie.  This wasn’t the most productive week in terms of consistently tending to all of my tasks.  No excuses.

i have noticed that i’ve fallen into the habit of work for work’s sake, accomplishing the most menial of tasks to qualify for completing the larger goals.  Shameful, i know.

So for this week:

Dissertation: Continue developing dissertation outline
SPA: Knock business plan out (it’s coming along)
Guitar: Practice scales and finger exercises every day and scale based chords
Eloquent Scribes: Do groundwork to pursue clients.

What about ya’ll?


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One Response to Steady Stream: Week 4

  1. Courtney says:

    finally… i’m courageous enough to post my meager goals, since you ask… here goes:

    Physics: pt 1. read 2 hrs/day
    pt. 2. dedicate 1 hr/day to complete online assignments by stated deadlines.
    Biochem: continue reading 1hr/day
    Graduation administration: pt. 1. make final attempt to contact English dept about honor cord; contact academic dean if unsuccessful.
    pt. 2. budget for graduation fee.
    Spring cleaning: pt 1. make room in upstairs closet by donating clothing. pt 2. donate books from upstairs bookshelf.

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