Steady Stream: Week Three

Ok, ok, so this week…well…

Here were this last week’s goals:

Dissertation: Get on that book and continue to clarify research project.
SPA: Business plan and fold Eloquent Scribes into the mix. Also, research ways to print and distribute the book.
WWA: i will not mention this anymore. Let it be understood as a weekly commitment of at least three posts.

Here’s what i did:

Dissertation: Submitted IRB; continued clarifying research.
SPA: began researching publishing strategies. Still need to do more.

This week was consumed by a lot of guitar practicing. This leads me to this week’s goals:

Dissertation: Fully develop dissertation outline and begin chapter one
SPA: Business plan
Guitar: Practice scales every day and scale based chords
Eloquent Scribes: contact client re: post-Mardi Gras projects

Ya’ll been mighty quiet. i hope that’s cause you’ve been working.

Let me know.


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One Response to Steady Stream: Week Three

  1. Omilade says:

    What’s the saying, “if ain’t broke don’t fix it”?…well, my plan needs a bit of mending.
    The studying is going good and consistent; exercise every day, not so much. I also haven’t been practicing and was put on the spot to teach class so this is a MUST.

    To make these pieces more bite sized, here’s the tweaks:
    +Continue studying per my schedule: 25 hours this week
    +Stretch, crunches, push-ups: 30 minutes, mornings, 3 days out of 7
    +Practice: 30 minutes, evenings, 4 days out of 7
    +Continue decompressing before bed: 30 minutes every day
    +Workshop prep: finalize activities and populate flipchart, 30 minutes, 3 days

    Adjusting as needed…still encouraged.

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