Cast Your Bucket

My sister was telling me about this thing she read that was like “you shouldn’t talk about the things you are doing/plan on doing because it will make you think you are doing more than you are.”  While it’s an interesting idea, i’ve found it to be quite the opposite: the more i talk about my mission, the realer it becomes to me; the more lived it grows.

Beyond that, i’m seeing that there are actually a lot of resources within my immediate circle to help me realize it all.

For instance, the other day i was at the Community Book Center telling them how i was finishing my book. Mama Jennifer, one of the owners, was like “you know people don’t read like that. What you need to do is bring your guitar in here and tell them stories. That’ll sell more books than anything else.”

See what i mean?

This, of course, came after a conversation with my roommate where he was like “stop thinking so small with an e-book.  Print them things out and people will buy them.”

That’s it.  “You rise as high as your dominant aspiration.”  You already have all that you need to make it happen.  Matter fact, let me just leave you with this pure wisdom (the guitar is particularly hypnotic, but if you ain’t got patience, skip to 6:30 for the jewels):


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One Response to Cast Your Bucket

  1. wednesday7 says:

    i’m feeling all the angles of this post. and the ripples and rivets in that song…well…you already know! make a sista wanta do somethin crazy…like get a tattoo…hahahah
    good one.
    telling stories with guitar. yep.

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