Steady Stream: Week Two


We back again. Another week. What you got?

My goals for this past week:

Eloquent Scribes: develop marketing strategy (craigslist, flyers on college campuses, etc)
Dissertation: Complete IRB and read Too Much Schooling, Too Little Education; organize bibliography and timeline for completion
Scattered People Arts: Continue to develop business plan; write up treatment for show idea
WWA: another 3 posts
Writing: Finish e-books and begin layout

So what did i get done?Eloquent Scribes: Had an excellent meeting with my business adviser today and we developed a great scheme to make this happen–a way which is actually more in-depth than what i had in mind. One of which includes applying to become a consultant for the Good Work Network, a great organization here in the NO.

Dissertation: i have completed my IRB and only need to submit it. i completed my timeline, but did not read the book nor organize the bibliography.

Scattered People Arts: The business plan is coming along in a strong way. Most of my attention was focused on the book, so the show has been postponed.

WWA: Done that. Killt that.

Writing: Looking at it and consulting a few folks, i’ve decided to actually invest in this book and make it more than an e-book. i’m awaiting a review from a close associate, then i will proceed.

It has been a very busy week, but somehow, i’m managing to accomplish more with what seems to be less time. i’m quite impressed with my ability to tend to so much (if i may say so myself).

But there’s always room for improvement and we stay moving forward ever, backwards never.

For this week:

Dissertation: Get on that book and continue to clarify research project.
SPA: Business plan and fold Eloquent Scribes into the mix. Also, research ways to print and distribute the book.
WWA: i will not mention this anymore. Let it be understood as a weekly commitment of at least three posts.

i’m keeping it light this week because we got some big gigs this Mardi Gras weekend, so that’s gonna take up a lot of time. What that sound like to you?

What have ya’ll been up to? i’m anxious to hear!


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