Shipping, or that Tiger Woods Follow Through…

Over the past year or so i’ve spent a significant amount of time with artists, teachers, and folks who are otherwise intent on pursuing their passion. i’ve also spent a significant amount of time having very similar conversations with all of them about why they haven’t done all the things they aspire to (myself most definitely included). It isn’t lack of skill, knowledge, talent, vision, or time. It all comes down to one simple thing that a particular cablanasianegro taught the world.

His name?

Tiger Hwoods!  Tiger HWOODS!

No, i’m not talking about how to sloppily creep with a harem of identical white women. i’m talking about follow through, follow through, follow through!

The play is written, edited, and cast, yet it never goes up. The album is missing a few minor touches in the final stages, but is never released. The business idea is fine tuned and market-tested, but never pops off. You knocking at the door of achievement, but refuse to enter!

All of this is what Seth Godin refers to as the resistance and naturally impedes shipping–sending it off, following through, doin the damn thang.

The resistance is that natural part of you which has doubts (and even fears) about success. What is unnatural, of course, is not that you have these feelings, but that you allow yourself to be overcome by them.

Fight through that resistance. Acknowledge that doubt, that fear, and move through it to the greatness that inevitably lies on the other side.

It’s time to ship. As my friend, the guru Samori Camara, reminds us, “you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” Ask yourself if you are capable of making it. If the answer is no, you are right. If the answer is yes, you are right. But ultimately, you must realize that the only thing standing between you and your goals is you.

So come on. Let’s take this shot.

And don’t forget the follow through.


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