Steady Stream: Week One

Whattup whattup?

It’s already been a week and you know what that means: time to show your hand.

a celebration!

Last week, i set the following goals:

Dissertation: Submit IRB (research protocol) application
Writing: finish writing e-books
Black Power Media: Complete either an RBG report or 60 Seconds to Liberation
Walk With Amari: at least three posts and love my dear sweet readers good-good

How many did i accomplish? A whopping uno!

Do i feel terrible about myself as a human being? Not at all. i feel great, actually!

It was a very productive week. i finished my IRB proposal, but because of some bureaucratic issues which are largely out of my hands, i couldn’t submit it. i am one story shy of my e-book, which is a wonderful feeling. Umm…BPM stuff has been put on hold temporarily. And i completed the three post minimum for WWA. (i finally got a new phone, a smart phone. And mind you, it is highly intelligent. i can post from anywhere!)

But i’ve also spent a lot of this week studying the materials for my entrepreneurial class at the Goodwork Network. Definitely helping me get a clearer sense of how to really get Scattered People Arts off of the ground.

So with that, this week’s goals are:

Eloquent Scribes: develop marketing strategy (craigslist, flyers on college campuses, etc)
Dissertation: Complete IRB and read Too Much Schooling, Too Little Education; organize bibliography and timeline for completion
Scattered People Arts: Continue to develop business plan; write up treatment for show idea
WWA: another 3 posts
Writing: Finish e-books and begin layout

That’s it. A full week ahead, but i’m confident in my ability to get it done.

What about you? Where ya’ll at?


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2 Responses to Steady Stream: Week One

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    This week has been very productive. First, let me clarify my goal about my business. I plan on making one important move and handling a task involving the business at least once a day, not working on it for 30 minutes a day. Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes shorter. With that I have been pretty good. I’ve done some work pertaining to the website, lined up two jobs, and have worked on the business plan (thanks to Amari).

    As far as exercise goes I haven’t missed a day and am making way better eating choices. I will continue to work hard at both of these goals. This week I will focus more time and effort on the business.

  2. Omilade says:

    My week went pretty well. I exceeded my studying goal, danced for 3 hours two days in a row, called two family members (didn’t quite make it to the third). Taking the time to clear my mind and space before bed made a huge difference in my day, which I was able to do every day but Saturday (that dancing day lasted till 6am). I also came up with some excellent workshop topics for the women’s retreat.
    *singing* and I’m feeeling gooood!

    So with a little tweaking, my goals for this week are more of the same:
    M – 20 hours of studying
    P – I’d like to spread out my physical activity instead of the big chunks and it’s not quite warm enough for a morning run, so I’m aiming for 30 minutes of yoga in the mornings.
    E – On non-rehearsal days, practice a minimum 30 minutes a day
    S – Revel in silence 30 minutes before bed
    C – Plan activities, gather media clips and develop a workbook for retreat; devote 30 minutes each day

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