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At the dawn of the 21st century (Kemetic Calendar Year 6250), African people are as embattled with global white supremacy as ever. Increasing poverty and displacement, persistent state-sponsored terrorism, obscene incarceration rates, kwk., this reality of war is nothing less than genocidal. These actualities are further corroborated by a corporate media that either ignores or obscures Black suffering by failing to acknowledge it, or transforming “isolated incidents” into decontextualized charity cases (Rwanda, Darfur, Live 8, etc.). has emerged to fill the void of independent media that centers the experiences and liberation of African people. More than simply “filling the blanks” of the mainstream, BPM captures and projects the struggles and victories of African people from Kinshasa to Cleveland, Brixton to Bahia.

The goals are simple: inform and inspire. The means: multi-media productions that understand themselves as weapons of liberation.

Welcome. This is Black Power Media.
Nothing more, nothing less.

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