Steady Stream in Action

So sister Courtney had a great suggestion and i’m hopin ya’ll will jump on board.

About a week ago, i wrote about the Steady Stream Principle and how it was an easy way to increase productivity by working a little each day (30 minutes) on a particular task, as opposed to a lot at once.

Courtney, then, was like “yo, we should all do this and update each other on our simultaneous progress.”  A great idea, indeed.

So how about this: i will post some of my weekly goals and, in one week’s time, i will post my progress.  What that gotta do with you?  That’s the beauty part, Richie!  You, too, dear reader, can also post your weekly goals below as a reply.  In a week, you can post your progress.

How that sound?  Sound good?  Good!

Here go my goals broken down by task area:

Dissertation: Submit IRB (research protocol) application
Writing: finish writing e-books
Black Power Media: Complete either an RBG report or 60 Seconds to Liberation
Walk With Amari: at least three posts and love my dear sweet readers good-good

Simple, right?  i look forward to your posts.  More importantly, i look forward to knockin these goals out with ya’ll.  Let’s get it goin.


(p.s.: somebody gotta post somethin or i’ma look mighty foolish up here!)

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4 Responses to Steady Stream in Action

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    I like the steady stream principle. It’s something I did before I knew what it was named. As a habitual procrastinator this is a method that works well for me. Anyway here are my goals to bring me into the summer.

    Turn my business into a legal entity (tax id, paperwork, insurance, payroll the whole shabang). Also increase my advertising (better business cards, pamphlets, website).

    My other goal is my physical. I will spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising and making the right eating choices. Only six days a week though, even god rested on the seventh.

    There it is. I will accomplish these goals by May using the “Steady Stream Principle” and focusing on them 30 minutes a day.
    I’m on the journey with you Amari.

  2. Anonymous says:

    we’re out here reading, listening and learning. please continue sharing.

  3. Omilade says:

    I’m walking with you too brother Amari.
    I was introduced to the steady stream concept a while back working with a group as we formulated our vision, mission and five-year plan. We each took only 15 minutes a day for two weeks and in the end produced a brilliant collaborative piece that was reflective of the whole and all its parts.

    My goals for the week:
    Mental – 17 hours (min) of studying for upcoming exam
    Physical – 15 mins stretching everyday & 30 mins of dancing or running for 3 days
    Emotional – call or write 3 family members
    Spiritual – take 30 minutes every night to unclutter and settle my mind
    Communal – draft outline for women’s healing retreat

    We eat the elephant one bite at a time.

  4. The Empress says:

    I did it! So I got 5 categories and I will work on 1 item from each for 30 mins every day. This weeks goals for each are as follows;
    1)Build my Brand- Begin application for IRT, confirm 3 recommenders
    2) Be Financially Free- send letter to credit folks to remove items from my report
    3) Maximize Physical Potential- Lose 2 lbs and/or inches
    4) Create Beauty- Clean out my closets
    5) Relax!- a goal unto itself :0)


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