Remembering What i Already Know

i had woken up pretty early.  Well, it was early for me.  In Salvador da Bahia, the streets are filled with movement as soon as the sun peaks over the horizon.  So i was up early for me.  It was August of 2006.  i had just graduated from college, was feelin great about life, had more money to my name than ever off the strength of a fellowship i had received, and on this particular day, i had no particular place to be.

But you know how fresh morning air do something to you and i couldn’t stay in bed.  So i got up, took my shower, and left the apartment.  As i walked down the outdoor corridor, in a thought that was as clear, comfortable, and natural as the recognition of your own mother, i heard “i already am where i need to be.”

Just like that.

Last month, i was back in Brazil, staying in the same neighborhood as that revelation.  And although it’s been nearly 5 years, it is very much a mantra of mine.  As i move forward on my mission, i need to take time to remind myself that, really, i am not trying to create a new lifestyle for myself, but to continue this life; that there is no need to stress or worry, because where i am right now at this moment is the only place to be, the only place i can be.  And without being here, i can never get there.

So as i remind myself, may this also be a reminder to you in your journey:  keep walking.

One step at a time.


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