The Steady Stream Principle: Five Steps to Increasing Your Productivity Now

i’ve spent the past few months reading these books on business development, management, umm…“auto-inspiration” (i’m not comfortable admitting that i read the occasional self-help thriller), and all that. One thing that’s been pretty consistent throughout has been the emphasis on product. You can have the hottest marketing scheme, but without the product you got nothin!

As simple as that: produce.

But honestly, who got all that time for producing? How long is 24 hours, really?

A lot shorter than 168.

Enter: the Steady Stream Principle

It’s pretty straightforward: a little work everyday over an extended period of time equals a lot of work. This can be applied to both ongoing tasks as well as larger, one-time tasks. Let’s use exercising and writing a book as respective examples.

i used to have terrible work habits. i’d see a large task and spend so much time complaining or agonizing about the amount of work required that time would run out and i’d have to attack it all at once.

Even if this isn’t you, i’m sure you can find this method useful. Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify the task areas: exercising and writing a book
  2. Every week, identify one concrete goal per area for that week, (ie, run 10 miles/write a chapter) and enter them into something like the “Tasks” folder in Google Calendar
  3. Dedicate a half-hour each day to each task area
  4. Repeat each week, setting new goals or re-setting old ones
  5. Watch your productivity painlessly increase

With the task areas, limit them to no more than 4 or 5 tasks. Anything beyond that can get unmanageable and lead to neglect.

Most folks, myself excluded, have smart phones that can accomplish this. i like “tasks” because you can check them off and it makes you feel like the winner you are!

A half-hour is more psychologically digestible than an hour. Long enough to get a little something done, but short enough to hold your attention.

So that’s it. A steady stream, with time, can erode a mountain.

Your mountain of resistance awaits.

Go’head and handle that.


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2 Responses to The Steady Stream Principle: Five Steps to Increasing Your Productivity Now

  1. Courtney says:

    It’d be interesting to track the progress of the blog readers who use this method. Online support groups are rather popular these days; can anyone attest to their effecctiveness? What if a group of us readers updated this progress simultaneously for a while?

  2. amari says:

    That’s a great idea! Let’s get it started. Starting tomorrow, i will post a list of weekly tasks and update my progress. Readers can post on my posts and we can take it from there. How does that sound? Any more ideas?

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