Where Ey’body at?

Yoooo, that fool amari got robbed, sun!


Yeah, they straight jacked him for his blog!

For reeeeal?

For fake.

There have been some major changes, however.

If you’re looking for the good old Scattered People site, you can find it here (that’s right. BIG moves, my yout!). This blog here, this blog right here, is now what it once was: Walk With Me.

Apparently, Walk With Me was laying low, plotting in the hills like the 26th of July Movement then BAM! Coup d’état.

Why the change?

Good question: i’m a brotha on a mission. i’ve given myself a deadline of May 2012 to be self-sustaining and prosperous, relying on my art and talents. May 2012: 15 months! i’m talking full flight!

Walk With Me will chronicle my journey.

That means regular (at least weekly) posts pertaining to Black people, art, music, writing, business development, and all the things i comes across as i work towards my goal.

Why do you care? Perhaps you don’t. But allow me this moment of boldness:

::mounts soapbox::

Brothers and sisters, if you have ever at any point in your entire life—a flash of a second, a blink of an instant—considered pursuing a life doing what you love, you should care about my journey. Maybe you were discouraged by the seeming impossibility of it all, the naïve idealism of the thought. Or maybe you haven’t been discouraged and are still trying. i’m saying whatever your situation, i got something for you.

Consider this an experiment in the possible.

Thank you.

::descends from soapbox to the sound of crickets::

Let’s take this walk. i won’t lead you wrong.


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3 Responses to Where Ey’body at?

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    I’m walking with you. Good luck on your journey, this is just the beginning.

  2. The Empress says:

    Been walking wit u since since been since, aint really had no intention of stopping. Forward my yout! Or should i say “CROSS!” Proud to take this journey with you.

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